Innovation Alley: SonoMask

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Founded in 2013, Sonovia began its mission by fostering the global rights for development concerning a revolutionary sono-chemical coating methodology designed at the prestigious Bar Ilan Univeristy in Israel. The company proceeded to establish material strategic partnerships and initiatives targeted to support its scale-up efforts; in pursuit of the noble objective to dramatically combat the transmission and impact of Hospital Acquired Infections globally. Moreover, Sonovia presents a global solution to the textile industry in the form of its disruptive ultrasonic based, high performance, sustainable and cost competitive wet-processing application, by massively aiding in alleviating excess pollution and waste.

The applications of the technology therefore have the potential to dramatically reduce the transmission of disease caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses as the mechanisms by which zinc oxide nano-particles acts are universally bio-active against all microbes.

The SonoMask is reusable, washable, provides two-sided protection, and is proven to neutralize over 99% of COVID-19​. Scientifically Proven, anti-microbial fabric ensures durable protection.Their proprietary zinc-coating upon their cotton-polyester blend is safe and tested to be effective even after being washed over 55 times.The SonoMask is produced with a soft, breathable fabric
. Learn more at https://sonoviatech.com/

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Innovation Alley: Izzy

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During #covid19 many of us are going through hours of streaming. It almost feels like you went though dozen of seasons of various shows. People are yearning for new and interesting content.Enter IZZY. IZZY is a streaming platform featuring movies, TV shows, and documentaries, from and about Israel, available to watch anytime, anywhere, on any device, and as much as you want — for a low monthly subscription.Subscribers can access the IZZY on-demand library via Internet-connected devices, such as computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and Smart TVs.Their content is produced in Hebrew, English, French, Russian, Arabic, and Spanish. Easy-to-read subtitles in English are are currently available for all content. I had the opportunity to speak with Josh Hoffman Founder of IZZY . Learn more at helloisrael.tv/ #israel #innovation #startupnation #TV #stream #movies

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Innovation Alley- Sonovia

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Sonovia Ltd is an incredible #startupnation story. During #covid19 they have been at the forefront in helping protect people through their innovative #mask. #Israel #innovations at its best.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Sonovia applied its anti-microbial technology to a line of Israeli manufactured PPE face masks that kill bacteria and fungi on contact.

Relative to its competitors, the SonoMask offers superior protection, re usability, and comfort.

Sonovia’s mask has been tested in EU laboratories, which successfully corroborated that its unique and permanent fabric impregnation of Zinc oxide nanoparticles have a strong anti-viral effect.

This emphasized that the mask works to deactivate 99.9% of viruses upon contact. The results further revealed that Sonovia’s mask has a 98% success rate for stopping aerosols that are five microns and bigger in diameter.

Sonovia has been featured in highly-acclaimed media outlets for its innovative masks. Last week, the company released a premium model for adults and a special fully adjustable model for children; both products of ongoing crowdsourcing initiatives.

Once treated, the SonoMask maintains its safe chemical properties for over 90 industrial washing cycles. This eliminates the need to habitually buy masks or filters, and therefore mitigates the environmental footprint of disposable masks.

Additionally, the SonoMask is capable of filtering particles up to 5 microns in accordance with the World Health Organization guidelines in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

I had the opportunity to speak with Dr Jason Migdal ,Microbiology R&D Strategist of Sonovia. Learn more at https://sonoviatech.com/

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Innovation Allley: temi Personal Robot

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When the Corona virus hit Westchester County Michael’s school was closed and he was quarantined for 2 weeks. As the holiday of #purim is today it seemed that it would be a difficult 2 weeks. Then temi came to the rescue to help enahnce the holiday and teach Michael about robotics. Amazing Israel innovation. Temi is a personal robotics company born out of Tel Aviv, Israel that, for over four years, has been working to create the future of communication, entertainment, and robotics into the homes and offices of people around the world. The temi robot is the world’s first personal robotic assistant that allows you to video call into it from anywhere in the world and move around your home as if you were really there. Created out of a need to assist his grandmother with daily activities, the founder Yossi Wolf hopes to share this revolutionary Israeli technology with the rest of the world. temi has been included on the prestigious Time List of the 100 Best Inventions of 2019. #Israel #Israeltech #Innovation Learn more at https://www.robotemi.com

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Foodie Tour- Miami- Surfside

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When down in Miami is the Surfside area there are so many options. I am a #burger guy so if you are looking for the best burger experience go with Kosh(9477 Harding Ave, Surfside, FL) . My son thought the best burger on the block was Surf n Sides (9301 Collins Ave, Surfside, FL) Looking for a solid #pizza, #pasta lunch or dinner I would recommend Cine Citta Caffe( 9544 Harding Ave, Surfside, FL) . New ownership took over the Kosher Kingdom now called the Grove. Solid selections for shabbat.

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Chanukah Gift Guide: Kenny Flowers and Lazy One

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By: Aaron Herman
Each year companies come out with some outrageous and colorful Chanukah apparel. This year companies up their game and produced some awesome fashion.

Kenny Flowers came up with a shirt called . The Challah Days is a Hawaiian short sleeve shirt that is very detailed and incredibly comfortable.

Lazy One understands sleepwear their line of pajamas are extensive They have men woman , children and family matching holiday pajamas. . Their Hanukkah Adult Onesie Flapjacks are a new “spin” on the classic long john. This Flapjack will keep you warm and cozy through all eight nights of Hanukkah. With their snug and stretchy fit, Flapjacks are the tradition of the past, the fashion of the future, and the oh-so-comfy pleasure of the present.


Chanukah Gift Guide: Kosher Innovations

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Shabbat is a time to disconnect and enjoy time with family and friends. As technology has evolved so to has shabbat technology . Kosher Innovations technology helps enhance your shabbat  experience. The Kosher Lamp and Kosher Travel Lamp  helps people observe shabbat through dynamic lighting system.  A simple twist reveals or hides the light on this innovative reading lamp and it can be used on Shabbos according to halacha. The Kosher Lamp Max is built well and is stylish. It’s a practical and innovative idea that’s perfect in any room, as a gift or for everyone in your family. The Travel Kosher Lamp is compact, light-weight and so easy to use. It’s small enough to fit in a carry-on bag or backpack and can even be used for International Travel thanks to its universal AC/DC power adapter. The design of the Travel KosherLamp is brilliant it can be adjusted to different heights so you can pick how much light you need in a specific room. The MAX is on sale now till the end of chanuka for $5 off the regular price in stores and on our website using coupon code KIFIVE .


Holiday Gift Guide 2019- Shinesty

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Shinesty is known for fun suits that are a conversation starter. Their tag line is Stay Weird and Shine on. Each of their suits are unique and will make you own the room at your holiday party or shul. Each year they come up with a unique holiday suit. This year it is called Latke’d and Loaded. The design team clearly had a lot of fun bringing color and holiday cheer to their new suit. Their Red and Black Lumberjack Suit is great for all the holidays. They have an attention to detail that is unparalleled. #holiday #holidaygiftguide #chanukah #holidayclothing #clothing

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Holiday Gift Guide 2019- Tipsey Elves

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Tipsy ElvesTipsy Elves is a holiday-themed apparel company. It sells holiday sweaters and other holiday-themed items through its website and other online vendors, and donates part of each sale to charity. From sweaters, jumpsuits, t-shirts, suits and apparel they are the one stop shop for your holiday gift shopping.


Comic-Con and Cosplay

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