Start Up Alley: Watergen

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We had the opportunity to speak with Maxim Pasik Executive Chairman of Watergen an Israeli start up that is revolutionizing the water industry at the #UNGA event hosted by the Israel Mission to UN . Fresh drinking water has always been humanity’s biggest challenge. Even today, water is still the world’s number one concern, as un-safe water kills more people then wars. Our atmosphere is the world’s primary source of all fresh water. So in a sense, we are all surrounded by water, literally, the air around us is our solution, there is just the matter of tapping to that unlimited resource.

Watergen’s vision is to provide humanity with an abundant, renewable source of fresh, clean drinking water, by extracting it directly from the air, our most abundant water resource.

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ALLie: 360 degree/ VR Experience

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We had the opportunity to speak with Matt Sailor of ALLie. ALLie is a leading immersive experience and virtual reality technology company. We got a hands on demonstration and it is clearly one of the best 360 degree and VR camera on the market today. Simple, easy to use and affordable. The company makes the innovative and fully immersive 360° ALLie Camera and accompanying mobile apps that allow consumers to see it ALL and be there when they’re not, in real-time or via playback from the cloud. ALLie’s everyday-use products are patented and provide users a peace of mind around life events as well as baby, pet, elderly and home care, while ensuring they never miss any of the life’s most precious moments. They partnered with YouTube and Facebook to provide users with unlimited opportunities to share your best life moments with your friends and family. The company is a subsidiary of IC Real Tech and is based in Miami, FL.

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Koshe Poke- Hawaiian – City Food

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Koshe Poke is taking advantage of the poke (pronounced poh-kay) craze that’s been spreading east from its origins in Hawaii to the mainland’s West Coast and now to our own little overpopulated island of Manhattan.If you are looking for a meal that is nutritious, delicious and affordable look no further than Koshe Poke.

Poke is a dish of raw cubed fish lightly marinated in soy and sesame, sometimes served over rice. Sold as a snack in grocery stores and even gas stations in the Aloha state, it is eaten more often on the sand than in a sit-down restaurant. For $12.99 you can get a bowl, burrito or salad. Kosh Poke is located at 43 East 34 St., New York, NY; 212-725-8100.

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Start Up Alley: Campus Pursuit

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We spoke with Scott Wisotsky and Shachar Avraham founders of Campus Pursuit.Campus Pursuit was developed in 2013 by two students from Binghamton University. Scott Wisotsky and Shachar Avraham developed a better way of advertising on college campuses at a low cost. In 2014, the company expanded their business from local brand to national brands. Campus Pursuit, the interactive scavenger hunt app sweeping college campuses across the country, won the 2016 TAMID Tank competition hosted by TAMID at Queens College, New York. Kevin Harrington, original Shark on ABC’s Emmy winning TV show, “Shark Tank,” along with two other investor panelists pledged an investment in the growth of Campus Pursuit.

Campus Pursuit engages college students with brands through daily, campus-wide scavenger hunts. Students follow clues on the Campus Pursuit iOS and Android app to find hidden prizes – thus, increasing awareness of each brand. A team of student brand ambassadors at each campus manages the scavenger hunts and spreads the word about the app.

Campus Pursuit was selected as one of the three startups, from many throughout New York State that had applied, to pitch at the event. Campus Pursuit was the only company to receive a deal from the investor panel.

“I’ve launched hundreds of products over the last 30 years,” said Harrington. “When I saw the Campus Pursuit opportunity during TAMID Tank, I knew, instantly, that this would be a great way for marketers to get valuable information in the lucrative college marketplace.”

Campus Pursuit has partnered with brands including PopCorners, AMP Energy, Moon Cheese Snacks, Neuro Drinks, NFL Sunday Ticket, Chipotle, Kettle Brand Chips, Harry’s, and many more. Each scavenger hunt provides these companies with data about users, providing an understanding of the students who find the prizes.

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Re- Inventing the Wheel Softwheel

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Softwheel is developing the most energy-efficient and energy-absorbing wheel system in the world. Their mission is to craft a smart wheel that helps people create a smarter planet. Their team of engineers and designers are passionate and dedicated to improving mobility & energy-efficiency for all industries relying on wheels for transportation.
SoftWheel’s patented technology replaces the traditional spoke-and-rim wheel with an innovative suspension system moved inside of a rigid rim and centered around the wheel hub. Using “in-wheel” shock absorbers that automatically switch between providing rigidity or cushioning – and lowering the unsprung mass in electric vehicles – SoftWheels achieve unparalleled comfort and energy-efficiency.

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Spoke with Angela Hwang about ZUS Smart Car Charger and Car Locator from nonda is a multi-function device that allows you to power two USB accessories simultaneously. This charger conveniently connects to your car’s 12V power socket and is equipped with two illuminated USB ports. The ZUS app for Android and iOS allows the charger to function as a vehicle locator using Bluetooth LE connectivity with your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to its military grade design, the ZUS can be used in temperatures as high as 212°F.

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CE Week WowWee- COJI

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WowWee, the Hong Kong-based manufacturer behind that old RadioShack stalwart, RoboSapien, showed off a couple of promising high-tech toys due out in the fall. COJI is one of the company’s more compelling products in a while. The little robot, which made its first public appearance at ToyFair earlier this year, is designed with the noble task of making coding more accessible for little ones.

The bipedal ‘bot’s name, a combination of “coding” and “emoji,” should give you a pretty clear picture of where the company is going with the product. COJI utilizes an emoji-based coding language controlled via a connected mobile device.

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CE Week- Vitrima

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We had the oppertunity to attend CE Week NY and check out Vitrima. The Vitrima 3D Lens comes pre-attached to a standard GoPro Camera housing. Attach it to all of your gear and get recording.


TechCrunch Disrupt NYC- Interview with WOO

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Reporting By: Aaron Herman
We had the opportunity to speak with Liran Kotzer CEO and Co-Founder of Woo at Techcrunch Disrupt NYC. Woo is for engineers and techies who aren’t looking for a job and want to see what top tech companies can offer them. It’s an effortless way to see if companies are willing to meet their expectations, while staying completely anonymous and without having to be committed.

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Techcrunch Disrupt NYC- Dog Parker

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Reporting By: Aaron Herman
We had the opportunity to attend Techcrunch Disrupt 2016 in NYC.We spoke with Todd Schechter Co- Founder of Dog Parker With Dog Parker, you can safely board your dog while you step inside the grocery store, grab a cup of coffee, or pick up a package from the post office. Instead of leaving your dog home alone for unwanted periods of time, tying him up outside, or limiting his walks, keep your dog with you and realize the convenience of running all of your errands and living an active lifestyle with your best friend in tow.

You must be a member to use Dog Parker (kind of like ZipCar and CitiBike). Dog Parker costs twenty cents a minute (twelve dollars an hour). Use of a Dog Parker house is timed and charged by-the-minute so you have the most flexibility and only pay for the exact amount of time you use. The houses are smart with webcam and temperature monitoring. Dog Parker houses are professionally sanitized every day and on an as-needed basis depending on usage rates, the weather, and other conditions. Your dog must be at least four months old to use a Dog Parker house and must be up-to-date with their vaccinations.

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