Motivational Dancing

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How can you motivate people through dancing? Video blogger Aaron Herman spoke with Asaf Goren an Israeli motivational dancer who is a content on this season So You Think You Can Dance. In his performance Asaf used a Tallit and Shofar to blend his passion for dancing with Israel and Jewish roots.

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Collective Advocacy

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As the cost of Jewish education rises each year communities around the country are looking for new solutions to the day school tuition crisis. Video blogger Aaron Herman attended the launch of Teach NJS and spoke with Josh Pruzansky, Regional Director of OU Advocacy-NJ about collective advocacy.

More than 300 members of the New Jersey Jewish community attended Wednesday’s launch of Teach NJS, a new initiative of New Jersey Jewish day schools and yeshivas and the OU Advocacy Center to mobilize the community to become more politically engaged, in order to influence and change the way the state of New Jersey funds non-public education.


Virtual Commencement

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What do you do if your commencement falls on shabbat and you are supposed to address hundreds of people? Video blogger Aaron Herman spoke with Don Greenberg about his pre recorded commencement speech at Binghamton University and unique graduation experience.

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CrowdFlik: Video Engagement

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We had the opportunity to speak with Chris Hamer CEO/Founder of CrowdFlik at Techcrunch Disrupt NY. CrowdFlik is the fastest and easiest way to edit and share video on your smartphone. CrowdFlik automatically synchronizes multiple video feeds and gives users an intuitive interface to easily create and share multiple, custom edits from the best scenes and angles by simply tapping the desired scenes. CrowdFlik seamlessly stitches the scenes together creating a professional quality video giving anyone with a smartphone the ability to simply make better videos.
CrowdFlik is the free video app (iOS, Android, BlackBerry) that organizes and synchronizes copies of shared video at events giving consumers an easy way to edit, share and collect video using clips from the best scenes and angles.

CrowdFlik gives brands a powerful tool to harness UGC while creating a deeper customer engagement during and after the events they sponsor. CrowdFlik content is organized in Branded Content Channels for continued consumer engagement.
Every year billions of people film millions of events with their mobile devices. Unfortunately, they often miss great shots or have a less than optimal camera angle or they may have missed the event entirely. Odds are that someone captured the desired but missed moments. There is currently no way for all of those filmers standing side-by-side and throughout an event to share and/or make use of everyone’s captured video.

CrowdFlik provides the simple, easy to use smartphone app that makes all of this captured video infinitely more useable. By the end of 2015 there will be 2 Billion smartphones in the world.Each year in the US – 225 million guests attend 1.25 million weddings,485 million go to High School Sports events, 320 million go to Professional Sport events, 500 million go to live music events….everyone is capturing video but brands rarely get access to this captured video – nor do the fans. CrowdFlik connects brings together video so that anyone can make better content.
CrowdFlik is three video tools in one easy-to-use app:
1) Video Capture- Synchronize and Upload
2) Video Edit and Share
3) Video Watch, Share and Collect.
CrowdFlik enables everyone to make and share better video.
CrowdFlik’s unique video synchronization, edit and share process has uses in many applications beyond its impact to the User Generated Content landscape.
Game designers created the CrowdFlik edit platform to be the ultimate ‘gamification’ of video turning every event into a multi–camera shoot.
CrowdFlik puts you in the director’s chair allowing you to create, view, save and share multiple custom edits of synchronized crowd sourced video.

How do I use CrowdFlik?
CrowdFlik is very easy to use.
1) You probably already know how to download a FREE app.
2) Open the APP and explore.
3) Create your account using your Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Also pretty easy.
3) When you are ready to record video – simply tap the record button in the APP to open the native video camera in your device. CrowdFlik automatically uploads a copy of your video and saves a copy to your phone. CrowdFlik is pretty smart – the upload won’t happen until you get to a WIFI zone so that you won’t blow through your monthly data plan. You can change this in the ‘settings’ if you want.
4) Since CrowdFlik synchronizes multiple devices based on location – the APP will prompt you to confirm the event that you are attending (or to create a new event) so that you and others are all sharing video of the same event.

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LGBTQuties Create New Social Network

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Aaron Herman, attended Techcrunch Disrupt NYC at the Manhattan Center last week, an annual conference that takes place in cities all over the world, in which innovative start ups and entrepreneurs showcase their new businesses and projects. Herman spoke with founders Rachel Kimelman and Jordan Weiss, about their new startup LGBTQuties.com.

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Israel Dealmakers Summit 2015

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Israel Dealmakers Summit 2015 is the premier Israel-focused business event of the year representing a meticulously curated gathering of global entrepreneurs, innovators, dealmakers and investors converging from around the world during this exclusive two-day summit. Hosted again in New York City, the event balances a featured roster of world-class speakers with significant networking time, providing unique relationship building opportunities and fresh insights across industries such as Digital Media, Mobile & Wireless, CyberSecurity, Smart Cities, Enterprise Software, Internet of Things and Big Data.

We had the opportunity to speak with Chaim Hass, Head of Communications of Glide, Jonathan Stefansky, CEO/Co-Founder Viewbix and Shiri Ranot, Director of Business Development of Switch about their innovative startups.

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Mexikosher: Chef Katsuji Tanabe (of Chopped & Top Chef fame)

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How to you blend mexican and kosher food? Video blogger Aaron Herman visited Mexikosher’s Pop Up restaurant at Pitopia in NYC and spoke with Chef Katsuji Tanabe (of Chopped & Top Chef fame) and Elan Kornblum Publisher of Great Kosher Restaurants about innovative kosher mexican food.

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Dance and Celebrate

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How do you create innovative and fun viral videos? Video blogger Aaron Herman takes a look at the new video by filmmaker Meir Kalmanson while he dances behind people in Jerusalem. Meir created the viral sensation High Five NY and always brings creativity, fun and excitement to his videos.

Learn more about Meir below:
Twitter – https://twitter.com/MeirKalmanson
FB page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/AMK-Pr…
Instagram – http://instagram.com/meirkay/

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Hyper Cacher Tragedy

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Its been over a month since the Hyper Cacher market massacre in France.Video blogger Aaron Herman takes a look at how the global Jewish community is helping the Jews of France and how how the White House is classifying this tragedy.

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Umoove:Eye tracking, for any mobile device

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Did you know that in January there was over 1. 3 billion dollars in funding and acquisition of Israeli start ups? Video blogger Aaron Herman spoke with Jack Gottesman of the Israeli start up umoove about their innovative application uhealth. When someone is not focused/ distracted, you see it in their eyes!
Using Umoove eye tracking, you look into your eyes and guide you through a training process to improve your focus and attention abilities, helping you achieve more productivity and be more successful at school or work

Founded in 2010, Umoove is the first ever, pure software, face and eye tracking, for any mobile device. No extra hardware needed. A unique technology (20 filed patents so far), built from ground up, that has attracted the attention of many of the biggest companies in the world.

With simple app downloads, any device can become capable of seeing the user and looking him in the eye opening new possibilities in many markets (Gaming, Advertising, Sports, Wearable AR/VR etc.) but especially healthcare where looking at the user’s eyes is a window to diagnosing their brain activity. Things like ADHD, concussions, strokes, autism, Parkinson’s and more can all be seen through the eyes. This means that with no extra hardware any mobile can become an advanced medical device diagnosing and tracking brain activity, dramatically impacting major healthcare markets.

Umoove is focused on driving its own in house product, uHealth, an eye tracking based therapy app, for tracking and improving attention and focus. As well as, continuing to form partnerships with others utilizing the Umoove technology in Healthcare and other spaces. You can learn more at http://www.umoove.me

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