Nintendo Switch NYC: Alexander Pekala, CND Captain NintendoDude and Isaiah TriForce Johnson Nintendo Legend

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How long would you wait on line for a new game system? We had the opportunity to catch up with Isaiah TriForce Johnson, Nintendo Legend & Alexander Pekala, CND CaptainNintendoDude at the Nintendo Store in New York. The Nintendo Switch is coming out in March and these two game enthusiasts are the first in line for Switch. Why are they doing this? Check out the video now. The system will launch worldwide on March 3, 2017.

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Kosher Food and Wine Experience 2017

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At New York’s 11th Annual Kosher Food & Wine Experience (KFWENY) over 2,400 guests enjoyed incredible kosher food and wine at Chelsea Piers in NYC. Throughout the day over 400 varieties of top wines and spirits were shown –over 2,000 bottles were poured and upwards of 35,000 plates of mouthwatering bites from top kosher eateries were served. Kosher Food & Wine Experience is produced each year by Royal Wine, the leading producer, importer and distributor of kosher wines and spirits in the world.

Visitors to this unique celebration of food and wine enjoyed modern mash-ups including sushi, barbecue, Asian, Continental, French, Mexican, and Caribbean – all 100 percent kosher. An array of aperitifs, specialty coffees, and mouthwatering pareve (non-dairy) desserts including pastries, cakes, ice cream, and more will guarantee sweet dreams for all.

Among the new releases this year were:
France/Bordeaux: Château Giscours Margaux 2014, Château Malartic-Lagravière Pessac-Léognan 2014,Château Soutard Saint-Emilion 2014,Château Rayne-Vigneau Sauternes 2014, Château Roubine Rosé La Vie en Rose Cru Classé Côtes de Provence 2016;
Israel: Flam Noble 2012, Teperberg Legacy Cabernet Franc 2013, Carmel Limited Edition 2011, Psagot Peak 2014, Shiloh Heroes Edition 2014 – A special set of 3 single vineyard wines displaying the uniqueness of the Shomron terroir, Tulip Black Tulip 2013; and the launch of three new wineries from Israel – Vitkin, Jezreel and Nadiv.
Italy: Terra di Seta Assai Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 2011;
Spain: Capçanes Peraj Haabib 2014;
California: Herzog Generation VIII Cabernet Sauvignon Padis Vineyard Napa Valley 2014, Herzog Limited Edition Single Vineyard Rutherford Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 and Herzog Reserve Single Vineyard Spring Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 2014.

Among the 30 participating restaurants, caterers and foods companies were: Abigael’s on Broadway, Bedford Kitchen, Etc. Steakhouse, Graze Smokehouse, Great Falls Bistro, Grow & Behold, Judd’s Memphis Kitchen, Koshe Poke, Le Marais, Marani, Miami Beach Chocolates, Pelleh Poultry, Pitopia, Pomegranate, Reserve Cut, Shlomie’s Heimesche Bakery, Silverleaf, Sprinkls, Susan Sez “Say it with Cake”, Sushi Tokyo, T Fusion Steakhouse, Teaneck Doghouse, The Nuttery and Wandering Que.

Kosher Food & Wine Experience is produced each year by the Royal Wine Corporation and has grown from shows in New York City and Los Angeles to a worldwide event with shows in several cities each with its own unique including Miami, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Paris, London and Tel Aviv – with plans to expand to Toronto, Chicago and Baltimore/DC.

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Go Live With Mevo

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Creating dynamic content for social media can be complicated. Businesses, politicians and brands are always looking to enhance their social presence. Mevo puts the power and capabilities of a multi-camera production studio in the palm of your hand, democratizing features and functionality that were previously only available to TV studios and companies willing to spend many thousands of dollars on equipment and manpower. The category-defining ​Mevo caught the attention of the consumer electronics and tech world alike with its ability to help anyone – from consumers and organizations, to event producers and small businesses – easily and seamlessly shoot, live edit, and instantly share the engaging stories of their live events like never before.

Mevo is the first digital video camera to feature Facebook Live integration, giving the 1.6BN people that use Facebook the most compelling way to leverage the power of the social platform’s new live video service. ​Mevo is now available for purchase in the U.S. at ​Best Buy​, Amazon​, B&H​, Livestream.com and ​getMevo.com​, for the suggested retail price of $399.99. Mevo will also be featured on Amazon Launchpad, designed to help customers discover unique and unexpected products from some of today’s brightest startups.

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Building Effective Organzations

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We had the opportunity to attend the Advancing Jewish Professionals of New York City Presents:Are Jewish Organizations Great Places to Work? at UJA-Federation of New York. In March 2014, Leading Edge: Alliance for Excellence in Jewish Leadership released a study exploring the pipeline for the next generation of leaders for Jewish non-profit organization.

From LeadingEdge.org: “The vast majority of Jewish nonprofits—75% to 90% by some estimates—will need to hire new senior leaders in the next 5-7 years. The question is: where is the talent to fill those roles?”

In February 2016, Leading Edge partnered with Korn Ferry Hay Group to pilot a groundbreaking employee engagement survey. From the Executive Summary of the September 2016 report, Are Jewish Organizations Great Places to Work?: “A total of 3,422 employees across 55 Jewish organizations responded to questions about their workplace culture, the critical factors that drive their levels of engagement at work, and what motivates the likelihood that they will stay with or leave their organization.”

So, the question remains: are Jewish organizations great places to work? The event featured Gali Cooks, Executive Director, Leading Edge,Rabbi Ari Rockoff Director of Leadership Development, NCSY (OU) and Dan Hazony Director of Data and Evaluation, NCSY (OU).

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Marxent: VR Shopping

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We took part in Retail’s BIG Show 2017 in NYC and got a hands on demonstration from Marxent on how Virtual Reality(VR) is going to transform our shopping experiences.VisualCommerce™ Touchscreen Showroom and VisualCommerce VR™ Showroom rely on Marxent’s VisualCommerce™ Platform, to store, render, relate and publish entire 3D product catalogs seamlessly across multiple sales channels for stunning Virtual Reality experiences. Marxent is exhibiting limited demos of a VisualCommerce™ Touchscreen Showroom application featuring a complete 3D shopping experience for major kitchen appliances published to a Samsung 4k 85-inch touchscreen, along with an Ashley Furniture VR Showroom demo, an in-store VR solution that combines an iPad app with an HTC Vive 360-degree Virtual Reality visualization that is set for an initial roll out in 2017 to Ashley HomeStores in select markets.#NRF17

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Pepper:Humanoid Robot

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SoftBank’s ambitious android is touted as the world’s first robot that can understand emotions. Pepper is a humanoid robot that takes his surroundings into consideration to react pro-actively using proprietary algorithms. Pepper also comes equipped with capabilities and an interface that enables communication with people, including the latest voice recognition technology, superior joint technology to realize graceful gestures, and emotion recognition that analyzes expressions and voice tones. With these technologies, people can enjoy communicating with Pepper in a natural way, just like they would with friends and family. In addition, Pepper can make jokes, dance and amuse people thanks to a wide variety of entertainment capabilities, some of which were developed in cooperation with Yoshimoto Robotics Laboratory, Inc., a Yoshimoto Kogyo Group company. Capabilities that help Pepper evolve by learning through daily interactions with people are also being planned for the commercial launch timing.

At present, Pepper gets its smarts by connecting to IBM Watson, IBM’s artificial intelligence platform, and Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing service.The idea is that Pepper would act as a concierge, helping with everything from locating products to bathroom directions. With a body and arms that can move in 17 directions and a head filled with sensors and doe-like eyes that are accented by colored lights, Pepper aims to deconstruct the cold-and-calculating robot stereotype.

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Music, Love and Coexistence: David Broza

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Israeli superstar David Broza is considered one of the world’s most dynamic and vibrant performers. From his whirlwind finger picking to Flamenco percussion and rhythms, to a signature rock and roll sound, David Broza’s charismatic and energetic performances have delighted audiences throughout the world. More than singer/songwriter, David Broza is also known for his commitment and dedication to several humanitarian projects, predominantly, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Since 1977, when his hit song “Yihye Tov” first hit the airwaves, David Broza has been working to promote a message of peace. The song’s lyrics, roughly translated as “Things Will Be Better” struck at the heart of the issue – that people all over the world want peace. Now with a string of multi-platinum albums behind him, David Broza still strives to hone this message.

Broza was awarded a Spanish medal of honor by the King of Spain, Juan Carlos I, for his longtime contribution to Israel-Spain relations and his promotion of tolerance. He has also been named a Good Will Ambassador for U.N.I.C.E.F. A powerful musician, passionate peace advocate and music industry innovator, David Broza awes and inspires audiences with his sincere message and musical allure.

On January 7th, 2017 David is preforming in NYC at Town Hall. The show will begin with only David on stage and with each new song he will introduce a band member or group of band members, layering a bolero-style crescendo on the audience.

Every newly-introduced musician brings their instrument to a level of expertise and sensory delight. With guitars, drums, percussion, keyboard, piano, recorder and vocals, the audience will be mesmerized by the depth of fluency and youthful, hip energy on stage. The shared joy of the musicians is both captivating and addictive. Adding to this mix are special guests qanun player, Ali Paris and Spyro Gyra saxophonist Jay Beckenstein, as well as a few unannounced surprise guests. The show is also featuring Alon Albagli, originally from Israel a talented guitarist and composer,Yuval Lion,a New York based drummer,Uri Kleinman, a bassist musician who grew up in Rehovot, Israel,Tammy Scheffer, a vocalist and composer,and Eden Ladin and artist born in New-York City and raised in Tel-Aviv, Israel. A spectacular and wonderful evening lies in store.

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Virtual Reality

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Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR) is among those 33 CES technology categories, with 261 exhibitors – the largest showcase of AR/VR technology ever. A related category is Gaming, with 388 exhibitors.

There’s good reason to think AR/VR is among the technologies that will most profoundly change day-to-day lived experience in the years ahead – and the addictive nature of ever-improving VR games is only one of several reasons for that.

AR/VR aren’t stand-alone technologies that can be separated from other domains. The reality is that AR/VR will increasingly overlap with a lengthening list of other CES categories, like Health and Biotech, Robotics, Video, Wearables, or Vehicle Technologies.

What is becoming clear is that in future, daily human experience will increasingly integrate AR and VR, just like it already integrates smartphone applications.

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Innovative Holiday Gifts

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Chanukah is a time for friends and family to come together, celebrate and exchange gifts. This year, there are some incredible tools and gifts that will enhance anyone’s Chanukah gatherings.

This year, Chanukah coincided with Christmas. How do you compete with your neighbors? One answer, Chanuakh Laser Lights. Chanuakh Laser Lights provides an amazing laser show for your home. Just plug, stake into the ground & point and watch the green laser sparkle your home with Dreidels, Menorah and Moving Lights to create the ultimate home Chanukah Laser Show.

Ugly Chanukah apparel has become mainstream over the last several years. Shinesty a company that prides itself on creating the most outlandish collection of clothing the world has ever seen created Chanukah sweaters and sport jackets. Having worn their apparel at my own holiday party I can defiantly say you stand out in the crowd.

If you are looking to support Israel and show you are part of pro- Israel community One948 has you covered. After achieving their goal on Kickstarter, One948 launched an online store where you can purchase t-shirts, sweatshirts and tank tops. One948 aims to strengthen the unity of Israel supporters worldwide through apparel, while simultaneously putting 10% of our profits back into non-profit organizations that help Israel. http://www.one948.com/

If you love traveling, having the right gear is critical. After raising over 9 million dollars on Kickstarter Baubax created a swiss army knife of jackets. Baubax travel jacket comes with 15 features, including a neck pillow, eye mask, gloves, stylus pen, tech pockets and much more. Four styles of jackets, Sweatshirts, Windbreakers, Bombers and Blazers are available in both men and women, in a variety of sizes and color options. Additionally, their blazers and bomber jackets come with detachable hoods. I was able to fit a siddur, menorah, candles, chocolate gelt, passport and much more as I was lighting my menorah on the go. If you are participating in Taglit-Birthright Israel or mission to Israel having everything on you when you hike is very helpful.

Drones are transforming the way we tell stories and share experiences. Tradition tells us that the menorah should be positioned for all to see, to publicize the Chanukah miracle. This year, we used the Yuneec Breeze 4k to get the prospective of what people see from outside the house. With little more than some taps on your phone’s screen, you can put the Breeze in the air and have it perform a handful of automated camera moves to grab photos and video clips of you and your friends and family. Then you just download them to your phone, edit and share — all from
within the drone’s app.

You can also fly it around manually with onscreen controls if you want to get specific aerial shots, but the range is limited to a maximum height of 80 meters (262.5 feet) and maximum distance of 100 meters (328.1 feet). Flight times tap out at 12 minutes, so you won’t want to fly it too far away from you anyway.
The mobile app, available for iOS and Android, is split into two sections: Tasks and Gallery. Tap on Tasks and you’re given five options to choose from: Pilot, Selfie, Orbit, Journey and Follow Me. Pilot has the manual controls for flying around the way any other drone would with a regular controller. However, the Breeze is designed to have the camera pointed at you and not away from you like other camera drones, so the controls are reversed.



Chanuakh Laser Lights

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Looking to enhance your Chanuakh? Look no further than Chanuakh Laser Lights . Chanuakh Laser Lights provides an amazing laser show for your home! This year decorate your home in style with Chanukah Laser Lights. Just plug, stake (included) into the ground & point and watch the green laser sparkle your home with Dreidels, Menorah and Moving Lights to create the ultimate home Chanukah Laser Show.

Each Chanukah Laser Light comes with a remote control that allows you to operate the laser from up to 40’ away. Functions include On/Off switch, Play/Pause to stop on a specific image. Flash/Strobe allows you to make the image flash at different speeds. Speed control allows you to adjust the speed of your laser motion. Timer allows you to set a timer to turn off your laser after 2/4/6/8 hours.

Chanukah Laser Light projectors are IP65 & IP44 rated so they are dust tight and water sealed to offer year round protection from rain. They work in all climates including winter & summer temperatures ranging from -4℉ to 95℉.

For $69.99 this is a must have to enhance your holiday.

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