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Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Art was a professional baseball player for thirteen years starting his illustrious career with the Cincinnati Reds in 1960. He was traded to the New York Mets in the winter of 1967 and was a major part of the ‘Miracle Mets’ that won the 1969 World Championship defeating the Baltimore Orioles. During the championship season, Art batted .300 and led the Mets in the National League Playoffs batting .537 vs. the Atlanta Braves with seven hits in thirteen at-bats. The popularity of the 1969 Mets is everlasting and Art maintains, “There isn’t a day that goes by that someone doesn’t want to talk to me about the 1969 Mets.” In addition to being part of that incredible New York Met team, Art also had another distinction to add to his baseball career.

In 1966, while a member of the Cincinnati Reds, he tied a Major League record by hitting four consecutive home runs in four at-bats over two games. He is the only player in Major League history to hit three home runs in a game who was not in the starting lineup when the game began. Also, two of the three home runs came in extra innings. The fourth home run was hit as a pinch-hitter in the following game. The bat used to accomplish this speacial feat is currently on display in Baseball’s Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. Since his retirement from baseball, Art has maintained his visibility in New York City working in different endeavors. He has been an entrepreneur in various businesses, including owning a number of restaurants and real estate projects. He has also worked as an on-camera sports broadcaster at WNEW-TV Channel 5 in New York City, ESPN Television, and a broadcaster for The New York Mets, doing play-by-play and color commentary on radio and television. In addition, Art hosted a talk show on WFAN Sports Radio and has written featured articles for newspapers and magazines.

Art is the author of “The Magnificent Seasons”, a book about the New York Jets, New York Mets, and the New York Knicks, all winning championships, ironically all for the first time in their history, in the period 1969-1970. The book not only follows the exploits of the three teams, but the effect they all had on the people of New York City and the country at a time when so much turmoil affected us all. Assassinations, the war in Vietnam, social unrest, political upheaval and much much more was tearing the country apart. These three underdog teams helped many people put their problems aside for a short period and gave hope to many who were filled with despair. Also, Art has been featured on the cover of Bazaar Magazine, and appeared on the popular television sit-com “Everyone Loves Raymond.” In the series, one of the main characters is an Art Shamsky fan, who names his dog “Shamsky.”

In the summer of 2007, Art managed the Modiin Miracle, one of the six teams in the new professional Israel Baseball League, a history making endeavor. In 2012 he was named “Ambassador” for Baseball for the Israel Association of Baseball. In that role he helped Israel’s effort to be part of The World Baseball Classic and also help in the development of baseball/softball in Israel. His web-site www.artshamsky.com features popular collector items and describes his newest venture in Mentoring and Consultation for youngsters. Art continues to make personal appearances and speaking engagements and is currently working on another book to be published in 2019 on the 50th Anniversary of that incredible 1969 New York Met Championship.

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Rockets Into Roses

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“Rockets into Roses’ products are unique, hand-sculpted works of art, fashioned by metal sculptor Yaron Bob, from actual rockets that landed in Israel. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, custom, hand-made, very limited edition collector’s item

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Passover Accessories

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Passover is a time to celebrate with friends and family. We took a look at some innovative accessories to enhance the holiday. Modern Tribe has some fun items that helps children get into the holiday through the Ten Plagues Masks and Star of David Knee High Socks for adults. Holidays gives individuals the opportunity dress up and show your love for Judaism through dynamic fashion. Some examples of unique fashion items we found were themed Passover t-shirts for Israeli T’s and an Israeli flag sports jacket from Shinesty. These will sure turn heads in your synagogue and community. If you feel really committed to the holiday and want to create a live action Passover experience Fun.com offers unique costumes of Moses and Pharaoh to bring your story to life

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New Dimensions in Testimony: EDTEC and Holocaust Education

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We had the opportunity to experience the New Dimensions in Testimony exhibit at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in NYC. Utilizing 360fly. We did a dynamic interview with a “virtual” holocaust survivor Pinchas Gutter.

New Dimensions in Testimony (NDT) is a collection of interactive biographies from USC Shoah Foundation that enable people to have conversations with pre-recorded video images of Holocaust survivors and other witnesses to genocide. So far, 16 survivors – 15 from the Holocaust and one from the 1937 Nanjing Massacre – have been interviewed for the project. Each survivor selected to participate has also given his or her testimony to the Institute’s Visual History Archive, which contains 55,000 video testimonies of survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust and other genocides. But NDT is a new kind of initiative. The survivors were interviewed surrounded by cameras arranged in a rig to capture a three-dimensional recording of them telling their story in a new way, by answering questions that people are most likely to ask.The value of the project is to provide an intimate experience with eyewitnesses to history who are uniquely qualified to reflect on life.

For more than 70 years, Holocaust survivors have recounted their stories to people all over the world, providing invaluable insights that shape and inform perspectives. As a part of those encounters, people have asked questions in their own words about issues that are important to them.New Dimensions in Testimony is currently on permanent display at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center, and will eventually be available at selected museums and learning institutions around the world to enhance USC Shoah Foundation’s mission of keeping voices of the Holocaust and other genocides alive for education and action.
USC Shoah Foundation and USC Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) compiled the questions posed for New Dimensions in Testimony from a variety of sources, including hundreds of students and members of the public. In all, more than 2,000 questions have been compiled for each interviewee, covering a vast range of subjects.

Advancing Technology for Humanity

Whether people ask, “Where were you born?” “Do you believe in God?” “How did you survive?” Data is captured and processed into video segments that can be played back verbatim, precisely as the survivors delivered them. The playback technology enables the survivor to seamlessly answer the question posed and is able to recognize similarities between word patterns in questions and answers.

Years from now, long after the last survivor has left us, New Dimensions in Testimony will be able to provide a valuable opportunity to engage with a survivor and ask them questions directly, encouraging them, each in their own way, to reflect on the deep and meaningful consequences of their experiences. Being able to ask a survivor questions will allow students to be active participants in their learning and develop important communication and critical-thinking skills. Being able to ask their own questions will teach students things about historical atrocities they never could learn from just reading a history book. By providing valuable points of view from someone who was there, students can better understand the human story behind the acts of human cruelty and understand the impact it had on real people in a manner that is responsive and engaging, making history more relevant to their lives.

Collaborating within the project are Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center, with technology by USC Institute for Creative Technologies, and concept by Conscience Display. Funding for New Dimensions in TestimonySM was provided in part by Pears Foundation, Louis. F. Smith, Melinda Goldrich and Andrea Cayton/Goldrich Family Foundation in honor of Jona Goldrich, and Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center. Other partners include CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center.

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Fashion, Fun and Purim

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Purim is a time to celebrate and get in touch with the “inner you”. By making fun of the facades we hide behind, we can truly learn who we are. In contrast to the overt miracles of the holidays of Passover, Chanukah and other Jewish holidays, the miracle of the holiday of Purim was disguised in natural events. Here is a sampling of the story: The king wanted his wife to come to a party; she did not want to, and she was killed. Then an evil man wanted the Jews dead and plotted to accomplish this with the approval of the king. The king remarried, and his new queen happened to be Jewish, and arranged for the decree to be countered. Only after the fact, when one looks at the entire story, does one realize the great miracle that transpired.The custom of wearing costumes on Purim is an allusion to the nature of the Purim miracle, where the details of the story are really miracles hidden within natural events get in touch with our inner self.

When looking for dynamic fashion and costumes for Purim there is only one place to go Fun.com. Purim is that one Jewish holiday where you can get creative and go all out. From becoming a human pacman, mitzvah man, or a suave Marvel superhero almost anything goes.

Purim has four main Mitzvot (Good deeds):

1.The Reading of the Megillah (Mikra Megillah)
2.The Festive Purim Meal (Seudat Purim)
3.Sending Gifts (Mishloach Manot)
4. Gifts to the poor (Matanot l’Evyonim)

Having fun and doing good deeds are major tenants of the holiday. When you think of it it makes perfect sense. By showing your true self and opening up yourself you can truly make this world better place.

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NY Kosher Food and Wine Experince 2018

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Last night was the Kosher Food and Wine Experience(KFWE) in NY. There is two words to describe the event yum and happy. This was one of the best KFWE events I have been to. The food was abundant and the wine was truly incredible. More than 2,000 Bottles of the finest Kosher Wine & Spirits from France, Israel, and other great Wine Regions were served up along with gourmet fare, at Chelsea Pier, Pier 60 (21st Street & WS Highway) in NYC, all hosted by Royal Wine Corporation* of Bayonne NJ. Plus, new for Passover wines, and selections from $5.99 – $500 a bottle.

The 38,000 sq foot venue hosted over 1800 guests, served up 35,000 plates, 1,200 bottles of wine & spirits and 5,000 wine glasses stacked up from floor to ceiling. Plus, Vodka distilled from beets, tequila from agave, Passover Wines & Spirits & more than 30 restaurants featuring Kosher lamb bacon brittle, pulled beef, real BBQ, kosher poke, decadent desserts & more. Kosher Wine Consumption in The US Is Outpacing General Market Consumption by More Than 100% With an Average Price Per Bottle Of $20+ Due To Growing Consumer Demand & Industry Accolades. *To date Royal Wine Co. is the largest manufacturer, distributor and importer of kosher wines and spirits in the world. KFWE has earned it’s place as the leader in events catering to high end food and wine experiences.

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Start Up Nation: OrCam

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OrCam’s mission is to harness the power of artificial vision by incorporating pioneering technology into a wearable platform which improves the lives of individuals who are blind, visually impaired, and have reading difficulties.

OrCam was jointly founded in 2010 by Prof. Amnon Shashua and Mr. Ziv Aviram, who are also the co-founders of Mobileye, the collision avoidance system leader and autonomous driving innovator. The original OrCam MyEye device was launched in 2015, and the next generation OrCam MyEye 2.0 was launched in 2017.

OrCam MyEye 2.0: For blind and partially sighted people, an artificial vision device with a lightweight smart camera that instantly reads text aloud- from any surface – and recognizes faces, products, and money notes in real time.All packed into a tiny device the size of your finger.


Tech On The Go: Modular: Mod-1

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After the smartphone, headphones are the gadget we reach for most often in our daily lives. Modular: Mod-1 is the headphones to get if you want to experience lifelike vocals and acoustic instruments. The Mod-1 is stylish, comfortable and dynamic. From the moment you put the Mod-1 on you are transformed into your own “cone of silence.” You can wear these headphones for hours and enjoy music and multimedia like never before.

Mod-1 headphones boast a feature-packed design, allowing for a variety of ways to use them. They are digital, analog and wireless all in one, with Bluetooth compatibility, a micro SD card slot to play your favorite tracks, connection to FM radio, and an aux-cable option. You can keep listening while they charge, and you can even keep listening while the battery is dead by using the aux-cable connection option. Outfitted with noise-isolating technology, Mod-1 will completely immerse you in the music and transport you to your own world. The durable metal frame, surrounded by premium comfort padding, is adjustable and the earpads are replaceable. With all of these connection options and features, plus balanced sound, a deep bass profile, and a long-lasting battery life, Mod-1 headphones are your ideal all-day audio companion. The team behind Modular are all avid music lovers, who noticed a lack of affordable yet high-quality headphones on the market. They wanted to make headphones that are comfortable, user-friendly, and feature-packed, so they combined the best qualities of over 50 different models while keeping the price affordable. Thus, the Mod-1 was born.

“Headphones have been around for quite some time, so we were shocked by the lack of features and poor quality of headphones made by famous brands” said Michael Armani, CEO of Modular. “We found that each model had at least one major problem or severe lack of features. Even headphones in the $200-300 dollar range lacked seemingly basic features such as a pause/play feature, SD card, or aux-cable. This shouldn’t be the case, as mega corporations have had decades to hone their craft. This has created a space for an underdog to show that it’s possible to leverage the open-market to create better value for customers.” Unlike other products on Indiegogo, these headphones are already completely designed, in-stock, and shipping. The first few are available for as low as $50! You can choose between 3 different color options: Black, Gunmetal, and Rose-Gold.

Mod-1 key features and specifications: ● Padded, Replaceable Earpads ● Noise-isolation ● Durable, full-metal band ● 2 hour charge time ● Can use them while charging ● Long-lasting battery life ● Answer and make phone calls ● Aux line-in ● Switch between and control two paired devices ● Skip, Play, Pause tracks directly from headset ● Bluetooth 4.2.2, fully compatible with andriod and iphone ● 40mm neodymium drivers ● Folding design for easy storage ● SD card for mp3/mp4/wav ● NFC chip fast connection ● FM Radio Mode ● Automatic Shut off timer.

Get your Mod- 1 at a special price on Indiegogo today!


Start Up Nation, Tech and Innovation

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AIPAC Queens hosted its second Celebrate Israel lecture series on Sunday, January 7th featuring Hillel Fuld. Hillel is an entrepreneur, journalist, vlogger, and leading startup advisor. Hillel has over a decade of marketing experience with leading Israeli and Silicon Valley startups and currently collaborates with many global brands in an official marketing capacity including Google, Oracle, Microsoft, Huawei, and others. Hillel is Co Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at ZCast, a company taking on the pain of modern audio broadcasting and he also covers the dynamic local tech scene for many leading publications including Entrepreneur magazine, Inc, TechCrunch, Mashable, The Next Web, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Venturebeat, and others. Finally, Hillel mentors startups across Israel in different accelerators including The Google Launchpad, the Microsoft Ventures accelerator, Techstars, The Junction, and more. Hillel has been named Israel’s top marketer, has been featured on CNBC, Inc, and was dubbed by Forbes as “The Man Transforming Startup Nation to Scale-up Nation”. Hillel has hundreds of thousands of followers across the social web and can be found on Twitter at @Hilzfuld

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Holiday Gift Guide: Columbia

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When looking for for the right winter coat this season there is only one company that can truly keep you warm. Columbia is a leader outerwear, sportswear, and footwear. We had the opportunity to test out the
Titan Pass™ 780 TurboDown Park and OutDry Ex™ Men’s Glove . These products are truly incredible. Not only do they keep you warm but they are stylish, breathable and comfortable .

Titan Pass™ 780 TurboDown Park Overview:
Next-level warmth meets innovative comfort on this pinnacle winter jacket built for the coldest conditions imaginable. The men’s Titan Pass 780 TurboDown Parka keeps you super toasty with a combo of Omni-Heat® thermal reflectivity and 780-level TurboDown insulation, while advanced waterproof-breathable technology provides protection from wet weather and still promotes interior airflow. Outfitted with 4-way stretch, this jacket moves with you for superior comfort during dynamic activities.

Omni-Heat™ thermal reflective
Omni-Tech™ waterproof/breathable fully seam sealed
780 TurboDown™ insulation. 4-way comfort stretch
Attached, adjustable storm hood. Zippered chest pocket
Interior security pocket
Dual entry hand pockets with zip closure. Adjustable sleeve cuffs
Comfort cuffs
Drawcord adjustable hem
Removable, foldable synthetic fur. Center Back Length:35.0″

Shell: 4-Way Stretch 2 Layer Cyberstretch MP 87% nylon / 13% elastane
Canvas 96% polyester / 4% elastane
Lining: Omni-Heat™ Reflective Lite lining 100% polyester
100% nylon
Insulation: 700 Fill Power Goose Down Insulation, RDS Certified
80gm Omni-Heat™ Thermal Insulation
Waterproof. Breathable. Guaranteed.

OutDry™ Extreme Glove is their first ever waterproof and breathable fabric technology constructed with a waterproof layer on the outside and soft, wicking fabric inside. Traditional raingear uses interior waterproof membranes which don’t allow for air flow, and water-repellent coating that degrades over time. With OutDry™ Extreme, the rugged exterior is an incredibly water-tight membrane with millions of microscopic perforations that let water vapor escape through a wicking membrane directly fused to the shell.

This chamois-lined, OutDry Extreme glove is fully waterproof, fully breathable, and features a touchscreen compatible fingertip. The thumb and outer index finger are reinforced for durability and the external seam taping gives this Titanium glove its bulletproof look.

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